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A preview. Of the Craptacular and of life.

the mick's hand and taylor hanson's ass.

the mick's hand and taylor hanson's ass.

This photograph was taken in the fall of ’08, under the marquee for ‘White Christmas.’  The moment happened just after I had somehow badgered Taylor Hanson into awkwardly confessing a love of showtunes, but really, it was a moment I’d imagined all of my Taylor-loving life (eleven years up to that point).

Okay, okay.  It wasn’t exactly what I’d been imagining.  I mean.  There is nothing less sexy than grabbing Taylor Hanson’s ass in the middle of a crowd of fawning twenty-something women on the dirty, loud, human infested sidewalks of times square.  (Or wait…that actually might be totally sexy, if, you know, he enjoys the ass grab.)

But the point of this isn’t my fantasies.  Or that Taylor Hanson confessed to loving showtunes.  The point is the picture.  Which is probably the best preview of the Craptacular you’ll ever get.  Of what its going to be like, how its going to work.

Because I did this.  And Lucky loves it.  But goosing JTaylor is only her third or fourth priority when she’s standing near him.

And that’s the point.  That’s the Craptacular.

Lucky thinks first.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

And I just grab your ass.

We’ll be back soon with more…

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