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Notes on the recording of the Hair dance party

…from people who’ve partied in the past:

  • Could be fun to see yourself. Fair enough.

  • Could be fun to see various celeb visitors dance.

  • Could be fun, for example, if certain unnamed persons’ significant others decide to partake in the dancing and partying. And making out. And whatever.

  • Could be fun to watch, and re-watch, embarrassing audience/cast interactions. Example: Gruff middle-aged men awkwardly telling Will Swenson that he’s “awesome” while attempting to dance.

On the other hand.

  • Could be stressful if you dance poorly. Because now it’s on video. Aaaand now your friend just put it on your Facebook wall.

  • Could dissuade certain unnamed persons’ significant others from partaking in the dancing and partying.

  • Could turn into a money-making venture, like Six Flags, where the show’s producers take shocked/elated audience reaction shots and sell them after the show for exorbitant fees. The M&Ms already cost $4. If they haven’t thought of it yet, they will.

  • Could become a concrete, if distressing permanent record of how many times, exactly, you’ve seen this damn show.

  • Could become more about hamming for the camera than about the spontaneity of the moment, which is important at Hair, man.

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