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RIP Anon Post, and Other Things to Do With Your Night

WTF, Anon Post? How dare you just die on us like that?

For those of you who live under boulders, or who are dead, or who spent half your night waiting in line at TKTS, you may not have heard: BwayDaily’s amazing Anon Post—a weekly forum for all sorts of Broadway bitchery—is dead and gone. For now.

Why? The owners decided that it was like… too negative… or something.


At any rate, here’s the problem with this: We had plenty to bitch about this week, and now we have no place to bitch about it. Everyone’s wondering whether Jonathan Groff is “too gay” or whether Lea Michele is really a horrendous person, or whether Hair is on its last leg. Or joint. Or follicle. Or whatever. And we just can’t keep all of this pent up inside, now can we.

So. We’d like to give you a place to discuss all that.

How was your week on Broadway? Or off-Broadway? Or halfway across the world? Tell us. We’ll listen.

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