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Hey Kate Baldwin, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Golden-Throated Kate Baldwin

Tony Awards Spotlight, Part 2 of 4

Here’s the thing, Kate. I don’t really love old-time-y musical theater. I would never put on the OBC of The Music Man or Mame for a little afternoon easy listening. I think Liza is fine, but I don’t obsess, and while me and Barbara Cook don’t fight out in the open, we’re not exactly on great terms right now. I tend to prefer the shows, songs and actors of my life and times. I know a lot of theater aficionados would consider that pretty cheeseball and low-rent, but that’s the truth.

But, oh Kate. My darling Kate.

Your pale-and-peachy, nary-a-ripple-on-the-surface, golden soprano thing makes me yearn for another era, when every girl in every show was supposed to sound like you. Your vintage-y vibe helped anchor the monumentally weird Finian’s Rainbow in a place and time, and we’re still a little dreamy-eyed over your rendition of “How Are Things in Glocamora?” because we’re not entirely sure, even now, if you’ve ever hit a bum note in your life.

Whether you win the actual award or not, we’ll be raising a glass to you—and to the triumph of steely redheads everywhere—on Tony night.

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