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Hey Levi Kreis, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Levi Kreis is Smoldering at You

Tony Awards Spotlight, Part 3 of 4

Hey Levi, what’s up? If my heart gave Tony Awards, you’d be weighed down by a sticky-with-goo-and-plasma lump of silver with a little spinning disc on top.

Because Million Dollar Quartet was supposed to totally suck, and thanks to you, it didn’t. Actually, it kind of sucked anyway, but only kind of. And that’s saying something in a season where people are loving Memphis.

Truth is, though, that we adored your performance as Jerry Lee Lewis for its pathos and mile-a-minute energy. And because of its delicious go-for-broke quality, like you totally understand that if you’re going to be a rockstar, the spit has got to fly and the girls have got to squeal. Plus, you play the piano. And you know how we feel about men who play the piano. (It’s been like seven years, and we still get a little blushy at the mention of Michael Cavanaugh’s name.) And you also have a really, really huge Jesus tattoo, which is surprisingly badass.

The best news? The Tony Award of My Heart doesn’t even really matter—sort of like the Drama Desk Awards—because you’re probably going to win the actual Tony, which is really cool. Unless all those crazy voters decide to give Bobby Steggert an award for a show that wasn’t even on Broadway at all, which could happen, because those people are insane. But still. We think you have a decent shot, and nothing makes us happier.

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