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Overheard at the Theater

Eavesdropping.  You do it.  You know you do and you can’t lie to us about it because we’re on to you.  It’s okay.  We do it too.  We also happen to think it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.  And there’s almost no better place on earth to enjoy said pleasure than in the theater.  (I mean, who doesn’t love listening-in on folks who, inspired by their surroundings, are desperately trying to sound smart and cultured?)

Below is a sampling of some of our recent faves—the convos that kept us chuckling for a good while and bring a smile to our face whenever we remember them.

Speaking of remembering… the next time you’re in the theater, don’t forget, we’re listening…

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

Middle aged suburban lady #1: Oh that Anderson Cooper, he’s just so handsome!

Middle-aged suburban lady #2:  You know, they say he’s gay…

Wishful thinker: That’s nonsense. He just hasn’t found the right girl yet.


You mean, they didn’t invent that in the 80s?

Woman who slept through Act I but needs something to talk about at intermission: Wow, the name Jessica is much older than I thought if Shakespeare was using it…


I’d like to think this was his silent protest…

Tourist on 42nd Street: Excuse me sir, can you tell me where the Funt Lontanne Theater is?

Cop on 42nd Street: ……….

Pssst:  Overhear anything awesome lately? Email it to us at the.tacular@gmail.com.  We might just make this into a regular column and post our favorites on the site.

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