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Several As-Yet Unanswered Questions About Broadway on Broadway

We came. We stood. We got yelled at by the cops for standing in the wrong place. We watched the poorly-synched TV monitors. And as the afternoon wore on, we wondered all of the following:


1. Why are we even standing here right now?

To see replacement actors and understudies from shows we’ve already seen sing one number and then disappear? Or Kelsey Grammer struggling to stay awake, let alone deliver his lines?

2. Who exactly is this event for, again?

Surely not us, as we were majorly outnumbered. Below are the (semi)official results of our (in)formal poll:

The Broadway on Broadway Crowd

And finally:

3. What would have helped Kelsey Grammer most during his hosting stint?

Your choice:

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  • Liz September 13, 2010, 9:36 am

    That drove me crazy. We got yelled at for standing in a BLOCKED OFF ROAD. Why block it off if it has to stay clear anyways? I ended up staying for the one thing I wanted to see and left.
    Also the TV monitors we’re maddening.

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