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Weekend Agenda: Quickie Edition

We’ve had a long week here at The Craptacular.  We bet you have too.  Just a few short things mull over as your workday draws to a close.

  • Gavin Creel is taking up residency at Birdland in November.  That gives us a little more than a month to stock up on those miniature packets of tissues to take along to the shows for use in soaking up the inevitable tears.
  • The cast of American Idiot played Rock Band at The Village Pourhouse. Things that would have made this better: John Gallagher Jr., free booze, the real live Billie Joe Armstrong.
  • BCEFA Flea Market is this weekend.  Here’s to hoping the rain does not fall.  The 2009 indoor version of the event was so claustrophobia-inducing we couldn’t handle more than 20 minutes. No good.
  • Catch Me If You Can sets a date and a theater. March 7th 2011 at the Neil Simon.  This will make for a way better March 7th than we had in 2010, which involved saying goodbye to talented stage people instead of hellllO.
  • Speaking of Catch Me… Aaron Tveit told the world he’s glad James Franco was the first dude he ever kissed.  Which brings us to our next question: Who was the second? Third?

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