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Gavin Creel is Back: Cue Hearts and Glittery Stars

On the first legit freezing night of the season, the crowd inside at Birdland was anything but. On November 8, Gavin Creel played the second of three gigs that marked his return to New York City after a stint in London with the cast of Hair.

Worth mentioning: a) His new batch of heartbreak songs are just too much–in a good way–and surely made us want to kick the unamed (ahemmm…) heartbreaker in the teeth. b) Gavin still wears a pair of jeans like almost no one wears a pair of jeans, and c) when Gavin’s in town, New York just seems like a better place to be.

In case you couldn’t make it–or you couldn’t snag tickets to the last show on November 15–some people definitely took some not-that-horrible camperaphone video for you to enjoy:

And one from the November 1 show:

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  • Alexa November 10, 2010, 9:55 am

    The eye roll at “now we’re farther than ever” on the last one made me want to hug him.

  • Renee November 10, 2010, 3:54 pm

    I was there on the 8th too and I have to agree that the new songs are beyond wonderful…and that said heartbreaker must have really really hurt him. It’s so nice to see that he can sing such sad songs and still be in a wonderful mood.

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