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Weekend Agenda: Holy Fuck it’s December Edition

Christmas season is in full swing here in New York City.  Rushing through Times Square to our ticket lotteries just got a lot harder and the tourists are making us all stabby.  Plus, its colder than a witch’s tit.  But.  But!  There are still some theater-related things that are making us cheery this weekend.

  • Newsies gets another reading, and best of all, they announce the cast.  Our inner-teenagers screeched with boundless joy.  And cried a little.  Imagine what would have happened if this news had come when we were actually teenagers.
  • Did we mention that the Newsies reading involved both Jay Johnson and John Arthur Greene? As if we weren’t flushed enough.
  • Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark rolled into its second week of previews.  Or should we say ‘limped’?  Either way, this show is real, y’all.  We have to believe it because we’ve both seen it.
  • The Motherfucker With the Hat moved its opening day forward to March 15th. And yes, we did just spell its name out properly.  The horror!
  • Tumblr crashed for like, a bazillion days. Admit it, you were starting to get the shakes without constant access to a stream of photos of Gavin Creel cuddling bunnies, or whatever.
  • Mandy Pantinkin is officially bringing Rinne Groff’s Compulsion to the Public this spring.  The only thing that could make this better is the involvement of that other Groff.
  • Hottie McHotpants, Reeve Carney talks to T Magazine about Spider-Man, and the sheer volume of interview/photoshoot requests he’s begun to field. Life is hard when you’re in the biggest thing to hit Broadway since the electric light. #firstworldproblems #notgonnalieiwouldhititanyway
  • Neil Patrick Harris will lead the  Lonny Price directed Company with the NY Philharmonic. No.  Seeing this will not stem the tide of regret for missing the ’06 Raul Esparza revival. But don’t let history repeat itself, mmmkay?

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