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Weekend Agenda: The ‘Is that Coal In Your Stocking or Are You Just Happy to See Me?’ Edition

It’s freeeezing in NYC, and a whole truckload of shows have entered their final weeks. To fend off the depression, let’s look at what else happened this week on the (literal) Great White Way.

  • Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark delays its opening night again. Right now, everyone down at the Foxwoods Theatre is aiming for like… a spring 2013 opening? Ish?
  • Producers of The Scottsboro Boys are trying to gauge their audience’s passion for the show — and are weighing the possibility of a spring re-opening — by asking a question: Will you pay $99 for tickets? Funny story, though: Our passion for a show can usually be gauged by the number of times we’ve seen it for $25. (Hint: That adds up to a lot more than $99.)
  • Rumors swirled this week that Patti Lupone will star in a revival of Hello, Dolly!, i.e. the dullest show we can even think of. Could no one write a new show for Patti? Oh wait…
  • Driving Miss Daisy will extend its run on Broadway. All your favorite shows, by the way, are closing.
  • Memphis‘s “official blogger” has written a 160-page book about the show entitled, Memphis Lives in Me: One Brave Blogger’s Journey to Broadway and Beyond. When Playbill wrote about it, however, they omitted the word “Brave,” which is clearly visible on the cover. No word on whether they’re changing the title, but good call in the name of actual bravery, guys. Good call.
  • Thora Birch was fired from Dracula because her dad is an insane ex-porn star or something.
  • In the most excellent theater-related moment of the week, Stephen Colbert asks Stephen Sondheim the most important question ever: “Well, where were the clowns?”Check out the video:
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