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Weekend Agenda: Blizzardly Edition

19 inches of snow may or may not be enough to keep us inside—seriously, Billie Joe Armstrong is still on the Broadway stage, its mighty tempting to brave the elements.  But.  If we manage to convince our theater-addled brains we need to stay indoors, wrapped up in as many blankets as we can find, here are some of the things we’ll be talking about over hot-cocoa.

Jonathan Groff is all up on the big screen again.  Or.  He will be.  So for now, we’ll just obsessively watch his movie trailers online.

Speaking of the big screen.  Apparently the Broadway stage just wasn’t big enough for President Sexypants’ snug britches.  Benjamin Walker nabbed the lead in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  We here at The Craptacular like to think we saw this coming—remember when he told us his most recent reading materials had been all about Honest Abe?

The Mick interviewed Steel Burkhardt—who is on tour with Hair playing Berger—for Caught in the Act and didn’t have a heart attack or shout the word ‘boner’ at any time during the proceedings. She’s proud of herself. We’ll be posting the interview next week. Prepare yourself to fall in love.

The cast of Catch Me If You Can met the press.  This is important because it produced a picture (the picture so nice we reblogged it twice) of Norbert Leo Butz and Aaron Tveit about to go in for a sloppy tongue kiss.  Week.  Made.

Phantom of the Opera turned 23 this week and we learned that the Phantom is kind of a manwhore, he popped a whole lot of folks’ #broadwaycherry.  Who popped yours?

Broadway cuteperson Kyle Dean Massey has a new gig – an off-Broadway show called Lucky Guy, which opens at the Little Schubert in May. We’ll buy a ticket, but we’re subtly yet distinctly concerned about this promo photo.

PR people across the entire city of Los Angeles think we should care about Matt Morrison’s solo album, which apparently drops in the spring. And we do, sort of. We care to the extent that we’re still not quite over our crushes on the album’s guest songwriter, *NSync alum JC Chasez? Does that work?

Rocker (and Oscar-winner, true story!) Melissa Ethridge went into rehearsals for her week-long stint as St. Jimmy in American Idiot next week. We’re hopeful. And confused. And hopeful. But mostly confused.

Twitter told us: Cheyenne Jackson’s dog is ridiculously adorable, Gavin Creel went into rehearsals for Prometheus Bound, and Billie Joe Armstrong wore a cheerleading costume on stage for curtain call.

Also. With costume craziness, famous guest stars, and Billie Joe Armstrong stealing people’s cameras, American Idiot’s encore just became the most vibrant, interesting thing on Broadway.  Which goes to show how badly we need some new shows to open!

Now for something completely different: a Blind Vice! …Any idea who this is about? We’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

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  • lilly-m. January 29, 2011, 10:35 am

    groff and pine are the cutest couple ever.

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