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Happy Birthday Billie Joe Armstrong, Because You Are a God of Rock and Broadway


Green Day does this thing during their live shows. They pull someone up out of the audience and make them play the guitar, or sing, or playact some other type of rock n’ roll posturing. It’s sweet. And stupid. And the kids who get up onstage are always kind of lost and hapless, and in awe of the real rockstars surrounding them.

That’s how we expected it to be for Billie Joe Armstrong when he joined the cast of his own musical, American Idiot. Only like… the other way around.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Billie Joe, whose acting experience until now consisted of a single episode of a TV show called Haunted, and voicing himself in The Simpsons Movie, is like… a hell of an actor. If what’s happening on that stage can be called acting, and not, say, a mesmerizing coalescence of will, star power, and eyeliner.

Billie Joe turns a youthful 39 today, and happy birthday to him! We hope he’s doing something fun tonight to celebrate… oh wait…

But we’re guessing he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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