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SAVE THE DAMN DATE! The Craptacular is Throwing a Party.

We’ve now officially eclipsed the one-year mark here at The Craptacular.  That’s right, folks, one full year of theater related snark and asking life’s important questions and ogling hot actors and talking about boners and… you get the point.

To celebrate, we’re throwing a party on March 11th, so get that date in your calendars, y’all.  This is a be there or be square type situation.  We expect to see you all, because none of our readers are squares.

Here are the details so far.  There will be more in the next week or so.  Invite everyone you know!

What: The Craptacular Turns One

Where: The Village Pourhouse, Restaurant Row

When: March 11, 2011 beginning at 9:30pm

Why: You get to see our lovely faces, that’s why! Also, we’re going to give some shit away.

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