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Weekend Agenda: Short and Sweet Edition

Lucky is in Barcelona.  I have a migraine.  The weather in NYC is still unseasonably beautiful and you should be outside enjoying it and not inside near a computer.  We’ll keep this short and sweet:

  • Darren Criss came out to Out magazine this week… as straight. File Under: Totally liberating (his position) or totally pointless (ours).  You know, one or the other. At any rate, we couldn’t stop staring at his abs.
  • Speaking of curly-haired brunette love interests in the cast of Glee. With The Groff coming back, there are too many of them.  This could get confusing. (We volunteer to take at least one off their hands, if you know what we mean…)
  • In a conversation dated February 16th, Lucky demanded John Gallagher Jr. book get himself a new show in short order.  Pretty sure he was listening, because the next day he officially joined the cast of Jerusalem. Needless to say, we’re excited.  Also, feeling kind of psychic/powerful.
  • The internet is exploding with promo for all the shows about to begin previews.  Our favorites are any/all pictures in which it looks like Nick Adams’ biceps are going to tear right through his shirt, Incredible Hulk-style. (More here.)
  • Last, but not least.  We love Laura Benanti and all. But why is the pilot of a show called “Playboy” being ordered by NBC?  Doesn’t Network TV’s lack of T&A sort of… negate the point of that show?

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