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Weekend Agenda: Sponsored by Spider-Man Edition

We’re so tired of talking about Spider-Man it’s beyond ridiculous.  And yet, here we are.  It’s like we’re drugged.  Which…come to think of it, doesn’t seem that impossible.  Maybe there’s something in the air over there at the Foxwoods…

  • Speaking of drug use. When early reviews for Spider-Man exploded across the media world, the Producers were like, mad, and stuff.  Obviously the next logical step is to call all reviewers illegitimate and claim they don’t understand anything about pop-culture.  Cause that’ll really redeem your show!
  • Theater loving Jets QB Mark Sanchez is allegedly dating at 17-year-old girl.  What are the odds he met her at the Next to Normal ticket lotto?
  • Remember that time Ben Brantley decimated Spider-Man and then his name became a trending topic in New York City and you totally loved the place you live even more?
  • Robert Sean Leonard joined the cast of Born Yesterday and suddenly, we got really interested in seeing it. Also, we got a lady boner. Or two.
  • All our lives we’ve wondered “When is a review not a review?” This week, we got the answer.  When it’s posted @BroadwaySpotted, of course!  All kidding aside, though, while Spider-Man may be a pretty pointless show, it has raised some provocative questions about who’s reviewing what, when and where.
  • Kathy Griffin is bringing her comedy to the Great White Way and the New York Times used the word ‘salty’ to describe the comedienne.  It is now my life’s goal to be described as ‘salty’ by the Times.
  • Spider-Man is having another round of focus groups, though participants will only see either Act I or Act II, but not both. Some readers have expressed concern that viewers seeing only Act II will be confused. Fear not, intrepid focus group-ers! We can assure you nothing that happens in Act II makes sense even if you HAVE seen Act I.
  • Cast Change is afoot at American Idiot.  We’ll be real sad to see nerd-crush John Gallagher Jr. leave.  Same goes for Michael Esper.  But we’ll probably survive.  Next question…will the show?
  • Sandra Bernhard and Justin Bond are writing a musical with Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters, which will debut at Joe’s Pub this March.  Yes.  That noise you just heard is the sound of every gay in Manhattan blowing their load.
  • In other news, Spider-Man still sucks. And we’re not the only people who think so. Shocking.

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  • Kimmy February 12, 2011, 2:59 am

    OMG. Your comment about Mark Sanchez is AH-MAHHHH-ZING. I love you guys!!

    • the mick February 12, 2011, 10:28 am

      That one was pretty much all Lucky. I mean, I threw it in the post, but…her joke. I’m obsessed with it, so I’m glad you liked it too!


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