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6 Reasons Christopher Sieber Needs to Be in Every Broadway Show Ever

Newsflash: Christopher Sieber is officially the best part of what’s happening right now at the Longacre Theater in La Cage Aux Folles.  I was swooning in my seat the entire show.  Now, I’ve kind of always loved him—since I first set eyes on him in Into the Woods, at least—but I’ve only personally seem him live a handful of times.  And I’m going to need that to change, Broadway.  I’m going to need to see him in at least one great show per season, every season, until his voice literally gives out.  So start casting him, people.  Or writing vehicles just for him (that are less dumb than The Kid).  Or at least have the human decency to send him over to my apartment to sing me to sleep every night.

In case you need a list of reasons he’s wonderful, I’ll include one below.  Just the highlights, though.  It’d be impossible to list everything.

  • His thighs look awesome in a pair of tuxedo pants.
  • He sings like an angel.
  • He acts real good in both comedies and dramas.
  • He can even wear purple crushed velvet with panache, which is saying something.
  • He’s got an incredibly inviting, warm charisma.  It oozes out his pores and fills an entire theater.
  • He’d probs melt your heart/look amazing rocking babies to sleep and whispering a lullaby across their downy tufts of hair, not that I’ve ever imagined him doing that before.

Photo: Joan Marcus

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  • Sophia March 30, 2011, 5:49 pm

    Also he played the Olsen twins dad once! That is enough to make me give anyone an auto-pass for life.

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