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Idiot, Out; Hair, In (Again)


Hair‘s coming back to Broadway this summer, y’all, and thumbs up to that. We’re always happy to see shows that we love alive and thriving, and within walking distance. But upon hearing the news this morning, including the announcement that the show would play at the St. James Theatre after American Idiot vacates, we here at The Craptacular couldn’t help continuing our conversation about how these shows seem so inexorably married in our minds.

Maybe they seem this way because they share a lot of the same fans. And maybe, too, it’s because art, in this case, imitated life—or at least history. As hippie culture in the 60s and 70s got cynical, shaved its head, and fastened safety pins to its clothes, so Hair quietly closed and American Idiot opened on Broadway. Voila. A historical/cultural shift is playacted on the streets of the theater district, and the only thing that survived the revolution was Theo Stockman.

We have no idea what this means for humanity, however, now that Hair is back. Except that we now all have something to keep us swooning all summer. (Right at you, Steel Burkhardt.) And we had to ask:

Which show best embodies your fangirlish/boyish soul?

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