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Andrew Rannells, You Win the Tony of My Heart

So… maybe they won’t win. Or maybe they will. All we know is that these Tony nominees took our breath away this season, regardless of the odds that they’ll take home a trophy. Here’s the second in our series, You Win the Tony of My Heart…

The truth is, I wasn’t excited to see your show.  As one of the five people on earth with both a twisted sense of humor and a distinct lack of love for South Park, I just wasn’t expecting much.  Yes, even though the entire goddamn earth loved it.  (Okay, I was excited to hear the c-word in a musical, but, I’m always excited to hear the c-word. Especially in a musical.)

And then, you won me over.  I mean, okay, the show probably gave you a hand. But I’m giving basically all the credit to you and your stellar performance as Elder Price—equal parts innocent and manic, certain and desperately confused.  Your big, pure, soaring voice ain’t hurting anything here, either.  I could listen to “I Believe” on repeat all day and not get tired of it.

Also, I mean, let’s just be honest here, you are hot as hell.  And whether or not you’re interested, I’m putting it out there in the universe that I wouldn’t turn down a few minutes/hours/weeks in a dark corner with you.  You know, just like the rest of humanity.

The Book of Mormon is looking pretty good to take home a shit ton of awards on June 12th.  And I’m not mad about it.  But nominated against your co-star Josh Gad, it’s hard to be sure where your odds stand.  So I thought it was extra important to say this—you’re beautiful and stupidly talented and my favorite part of The Book of Mormon, so, Mr. Rannells, you get the Tony of My Heart.

Photo: Rodolfo Martinez

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