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In Which Gavin Creel and Caissie Levy Steal the Show Off-Stage Too

We have to say, we were pretty pleased with ourselves last night. We said some funny shit.  We made some new friends on Twitter.  We drank self-congratulatory beers.

And then we caught wind of Gavin Creel (@gavincreel) and Caissie Levy’s (@caisofyou) intoxicated Tonys livetweeting, direct from London, and we felt instantly ashamed.  Trumped.  Defeated.

For posterity, this must be shared.  Just in case, you know, they both have shame attacks and delete it all today.  Below, Gavin & Caissie’s Tonys livetweet (Gavin’s tweets have the white background).  We bow down to you.  Particularly for the Dutch Oven joke.

Image: ManicMagicDays Tumblr

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