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The Plus One Party Report: All’s Well That Ends Well After-Party at Belvedere Castle

The After-Party for the Gala Performance of Shakespeare in the Park’s All’s Well That Ends Well is a crazy mashup of fairy-tale and modern-day theater lover’s fever dream.  Strands of twinkling lights lead you up a garden stair and into the courtyard of a castle where tiny pastries await you.  But you are still in New York City.  And there is a DJ playing Rhianna and Cee-Lo Green while theater actors of the highest order mill around casually.

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to be sure it’s not your imagination—or the booze (there was a lot of vodka in that peach nectar!)—creating visions for you.  Like when you spot Morris, the Ticket Line Security Dude and all-around awesome Public Theater staffer, breakdancing like a boss near the DJ booth.  Sometimes you just sip your drink in awe.

Other theaterly sightings of note, which I’m pretty sure were not hallucinations:

  • Shakespeare in the Park alums Hamish Linklater and Jay O Sanders—hilarious highlights of 2009’s The Twelfth Night—standing in a circle of friends, trading jokes.
  • Last summer’s Portia, Lily Rabe—looking amazing in a grey jumpsuit and red lipstick—chatting with director Daniel Sullivan in a corner away from the crush of the crowd.
  • Gatz’s badass ginger Scott Shepherd (who could make reading the phone book stimulating) circling the party with lady Marin Ireland by his side.
  • Steven Pasquale and Tom Kitt chatting animatedly at the bar.  (Earlier in the night a friend talked to Pasquale about wanting to see him in a musical again… hint, hint Mr. Kitt…)

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  • Amanda June 22, 2011, 9:18 pm

    I was so close to shouting at Tom Kitt to write a musical for Pasquale. So close.

    Also, I got really excited because I read that fast and thought Scott Shepherd actually WAS reading the phone book on stage somewhere.

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