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Happy Birthday Cheyenne Jackson, You Ridiculously Tasty Enchilada

Glasses are nerd shorthand for hot.

We have a little saying here at The Craptacular that’s crept into our daily lexicon: You can’t have it all. Unless you’re Cheyenne Jackson.

We developed this catch phrase as a response to the mediocrity of the universe, which seems even more apparent because Cheyenne Jackson happens to be in it. He can basically do everything important — sing, dance, act, look hot, and be witty and charming — all at the same time. This is no small feat. Aaron Tveit can only do like four of those things at once. Jonathan Groff? Maybe three, tops.

But Cheyenne is the whole ridiculously tasty enchilada. We personally celebrate his existence every single day — who else in our lives gets his own catch phrase? — but today warrants some extra special attention because it’s HIS BIRTHDAY.

Happy birthday, Cheyenne! We hope you’re celebrating in style — all while singing, dancing, acting, looking hot, and being witty and charming. At the same time.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker

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  • JimmyD July 13, 2011, 1:30 pm

    Ever since the brilliant ‘Title of Show’ Show Christmas Show, I always refer to him as ‘Broadway’s Cheyenne Jackson.’ I’ve been trying to make it go viral.

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