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ZOMG You Guys, We Talked to Jerry O’Connell after Seminar Last Night

(And now, we’re in love.)

I mean, you had to know we were going to use a shirtless snap.

Last night was Blogger Night at Seminar on Broadway. We’ve been looking forward to Seminar for months—It’s about writers just like us!  It stars Alan Rickman! We have a huge crush on Lily Rabe! And Hamish Linklater!—so to say we were excited last night is a bit of an understatement.

After the show we had a few minutes to chat with star Jerry O’Connell, who is making his Broadway debut, and who, if we’re honest, we have a crush on too. Especially after last night. Below, some highlights.

  • Jerry is like a very tall, very handsome puppy. He was so excited to talk to us, so excited about the show, so excited about being back in New York. It was killing us in such a good way.
  • He is also apparently a bit of a Theresa Rebeck fanboy. Jerry told us he’s been hoping/praying/begging/auditioning for roles in Theresa’s work for ages and ages. There’s something amazingly comforting in hearing an actor talk about their love for a writer and her words.
  • Speaking of words—that thing this whole play was about—Lucky asked Jerry if he’d ever had an experience like his character Douglas had in the play, where he received very harsh criticism of his work to his face. Jerry’s answer was priceless. To paraphrase: “In LA? With actors? Nope. Not with that kind of elegant language.”
  • Jerry also shared an adorable anecdote about his family—he’s married to Rebecca Romijn and they have 3-year-old twin daughters Dolly and Charlie.  On a recent day off, he and Rebecca took the girls to the Central Park Zoo and FAO Schwartz. On the way home, they had their first subway ride. When they arrived at their stop and departed the train, one of the girls was distressed to be leaving and going home. “I want to live on the subway!” she said. Jerry’s response? “That can be arranged. But if that’s what we’re aiming for, could you maybe let me know now? It will save us a lot of money on tuition and stuff.”
  • Other fun facts Jerry shared: Alan Rickman has a habit of picking up the tab when they go out, possibly with all of his “Harry Potter money.” And on the aforementioned nights out, Hamish Linklater and Lily Rabe often battle over the evening’s juke box selections because they both have specific ideas about the tone for the evening. Also, Hamish loves The Stones.

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