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Jeremy Jordan, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Welcome to Tony of My Heart, the yearly series wherein we disregard all actual winning potential and honor the Tony-nominated actors we’ve loved the most this past season. We thought it best to kick the series off with none other than…

Dear Jeremy Jordan,

If you asked my friends/family/colleagues to tell you the one thing I’ve talked about most since September, the easy, obvious answer they’d all give would be “you.” My brother would roll his eyes. My roommate would groan, even though she loves you too. Even my 7-year-old cousin Fiona would have something cheeky to say.

And it’s true. I’ve been a bit obsessed. But with a story like yours—last seen on Broadway as an alternate in West Side Story, this season you opened two major Broadway shows and a movie within months of each other—how could I be anything but entranced by you, Mr. Jack Kelly of My Dreams?

That’s to say nothing of your roughed-up good looks, endless eyes and universe-brightening, slightly crooked smile. Or your powerful, effortless voice and remarkable phrasing/lack of need for oxygen. Or your ability to walk the line between hoodlum and sensitive soul with charm and ease. Or your determination and hustle—rehearsing one show in NYC by day and leading another in New Jersey by night—or your down-to-earth realness, frequently showcased on your F-Bomb-y Twitter feed.

You’ve had a pretty magical year, Mr. Jordan. And there may be more magic still to come between now and June 10th. But I wanted to make sure you knew that no matter what else happens—always and forever—you have the Tony of My Heart.

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

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  • SaintTami May 21, 2012, 3:57 pm

    I can say nothing but, “agreed.”

  • Lindsay May 21, 2012, 6:07 pm

    My thoughts, exactly. No, really, get out of my head, Craptacular!

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