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Revenge of the Nerds: Broadway’s Handsomest Men… Wearing Glasses

OK, here are some things we enjoy in no particular order: handsome men, people who wear glasses, and theater.

So clearly, we had to show you our favorite photos of handsome theater actors wearing glasses!

Glasses, for the record, are great. They not only signal to the world that you occasionally like to read things — besides the side of the cereal box and the terms and conditions on your online porn subscription. They also insinuate that you have fully survived the youthful torture of wearing glasses, and can wear them as an adult without any obvious post-trauma. Maybe it even means that you own that shit, and that you can occasionally rock your nerdery with pride, and that you’re part of the National Contacts-Are-Such-a-Pain-in-the-Ass-Sometimes Society.

Of course, we’re happy to fully disclose our bias on this topic: We wear glasses. Take away The Craptacular’s eyewear and we can’t tell the difference between Sutton Foster and Raul Esparza from row D. So we’d like to personally thank these theater stars for helping small children everywhere understand that they too will look hot someday, despite the very limited selection on the FREE shelf at the doctor’s office… which is the one that your mom ALWAYS makes you choose from…

Jeremy Jordan

Cheyenne Jackson

Aaron Tveit

Tom Riley

Matthew Morrison

Jonathan Groff (with bonus Hunter Patrish)

Matt Cavenaugh

Gavin Creel

Nick Blaemire

John Gallagher, Jr.

Hadley Fraser

photos: Theater Mania (Jeremy, Matt C.), Broadway.com (Jonathan), Tumblr (Matt M., Aaron), After Elton (Cheyenne), Playbill (Johnny), tom-riley.com (Tom), Zimbio (Nick)

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  • Linda May 4, 2012, 10:29 am

    Thanks for this Friday morning present. Glasses are so sexy.

  • NineDaves May 4, 2012, 10:45 am

    i’d like to nominate taye diggs for inclusion in this category. granted he hasn’t done broadway since 2004, but he has more broadway credits than jonathan groff and nick blaemire. plus, do guys in glasses get more sexy than taye diggs? me thinks not.

    i could also make an argument for taye’s ‘rent’ costar anthony rapp in this category. i loves me a gingy.

  • kate May 4, 2012, 12:59 pm

    All these men look so sexy in glasses. And that picture of Jonathan Groff and Hunter Parrish gets me every time. Two of my favorite broadway boys!

  • Lindsay May 6, 2012, 9:02 pm

    LOVE!!!! Thank you for this.

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