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Weekend Agenda: If You Pray to Win a Tony, Does God Care? Edition

  • Queen Audra McDonald won the Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance. Someday that girl will make something of herself…
  • Because Benjamin Walker is a sexy machine sent to earth to make ovaries implode — and not, say, a real boy — he recently talked about… vibrators. Which means we now know a) that he is not intimidated by them and b) that he thinks they’re all about pleasure. Good luck ever looking at Ben, or your vibrator the same way again.
  • Question. Did Darren Criss not get the joke? Or is he just incapable of delivering a joke? Either way, the audience is not amused.
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert announced this week that it will close on June 24, and without recouping its initial investment. Well, that’s a drag.
  • Newsies announced that it will have an open run, sending Twitter into spasms of overwhelming joy and stuff. We’re excited because now we know, for sure, there’s definitely going to be enough time to finish our Jeremy Jordan needlepoint pillowcase and get it down to the Nederlander so he can sign it. But then, isn’t that why everyone is excited?
  • Ghost is holding a contest to win a pottery class with Hottie McHotass star Richard Fleeshman. We’ve already entered six hundred thousand times, so, you better get started now if you want to have a shot.
  • We see what you’re doing over there, Mamma Mia, concocting evil plots to get us back into that damn theater. The forever-handsome Aaron Lazar will assume the role of Sam beginning June 4.
  • Bret Michaels banged his head on the Tony Awards set once. It was fucking crazy. Like, it was so fucking crazy that everyone at your Tony Awards party was instantly like, “OMFG, did he just BANG HIS HEAD ON THE SET?” Then you missed the next three awards because you kept rewinding and re-watching it. In related news, Bret’s lawsuit is now settled.
  • The New York Times profiled Steve Kazee this week. Things learned: In addition to being smokin’ and talented, he has a lot of intense feelingz that will make you want to gather him in your small but protective arms and sing him to sleep.
  • How many Broadway shows does it take to fill the empty St. James? Fourteen, you said? No, one. And this summer, that show will be Bring It On. The show will have a limited run (HAR HAR…) beginning in August.

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  • Caroline May 22, 2012, 2:31 pm

    It’s probably because Darren Criss + Broadway = incredibly irritating.

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