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Plus One Party Report: The Drama Desks Give Out Some Awards

What? The 57th Annual Drama Desk Awards; June 3, 2012

Where? Town Hall, with its very cushy seats; The Liberty Theater, in all its random-hidden-secret location glory, decked for a party

With whom? Hosts Brian D’Arcy James & Brooke Shields, James Corden, Judith Light, Nick Westrate, Jeremy Shamos, Julie Halston, Oskar Eustis, Tom Edden, Tracie Bennett, Mary Testa, William Finn, Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, Melissa van der Schyff, Alex Timbers, Roger Rees, Rick Elice, Michael Musto, Richard Ridge, Jessie Mueller, Miche Braden, Kevin Earley, Marin Mazzie, Jason Danieley, Molly Ranson, Stephen Karam, Duncan Sheik, Bernadette Peters, ESosa, Alan Menken, Christopher Gatelli, Maury Yeston, Norm Lewis, and so fucking many other important theater people.

Talking points:

  • We’re still not entirely sure why Brooke Shields was there, but Mr. D’Arcy James absolutely nailed it last night. He was dashing and hilarious. Also, he told the entire audience that presenter Jeremy Shamos was “the best lover in the room” which was actually priceless.
  • Cutest moment of the entire ceremony? When Stephen Karam gave a shoutout to his parents during his acceptance speech his adorable mother, sitting a few rows away from us in the balcony, stood to wave proudly at her son. It was cuter than a basketful of puppies and rainbows. We almost didn’t survive.
  • Presenter Oskar Eustis—looking like the fiercest lion this side of the Serengeti—cut one hell of a figure in a black suit with a deep teal bowtie and a badass pocket watch, whose shiny chain was visible even from the balcony.
  • Speaking of cutting one hell of a figure—Carrie star Molly Ranson looked BANGIN in a slinky, knee length sequined number that was so tight she had to walk up the stairs sideways at the after party. AMAZING. Homegirl had the best dress at the Lortels last month, and again at the Drama Desks last night.
  • Rushing to the ceremony post-Newsies,  Jeremy Jordan arrived just in time to lose to Danny Burstein—ugh, sorry Danny, but… ugh. At the after party we caught him close-talking with the beautiful/amazing Melissa van der Schyff at the same table where Jessie Mueller was sitting, but the best part of our Jeremy sighting? The big ‘ol backpack he had slung on over his suit. It made him look so deeply nerdy and ordinary and mind-bogglingly charming all at the same time.
  • The criminally handsome Claybourne Elder, nominated for his performance in One Arm, chatted with us for a hot minute at the party. We’d like to thank him for being so charming while The Mick basically grabbed him by the lapels and DEMANDED that he audition for Giorgio in Passion so our dream casting can become reality. He’s a keeper.
  • Alex Timbers, The Most Beautifully Coiffed Man Alive, was pretty easy to keep track of at the party. (Probably because he’s the approximate height of a tree.) Unfortunately, at the exact moment our friend was going to introduce us to Mr. Timbers, he actually ran away. The exact moment. Our timing was so excellently bad, you’d think we were in some kind of a movie.
  • Philip Boykin is more badass than everyone and has so much swag we cannot even… There’s no way anyone on Broadway could rock a jaunty silk scarf the way he did last night.
  • The gorgeous Jason Danieley was there with his gorgeous wife Marin Mazzie. Mazzie, who was nominated and performed at the ceremony, wore an absolutely killer green gown. Daniely wore… god only knows what. Looking at him is like looking at the sun—he’s so hot it hurts—so we never quite sorted out his outfit.
  • Nick Westrate received of a Special Award because “his versatility in Unnatural Acts, Love’s Labor’s Lost, and Galileo was a highlight of the season.” We’ll admit to weeping a tiny bit during his speech. At the after-party, we didn’t get a chance to say congrats because there was a force field of power and intimidation around him basically all night.

Credit: Linda Lenzi

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