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Steve Kazee, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Steve. Mr. Kazee. Kazoozle.

It’s been a year, hasn’t it? Personal heartbreak. Professional highs.  You’ve handled it all with grace and shared it with us with refreshing candor. And as this season draws to a close—only the big dance left, now—we wanted to be sure you had at least one more award to remember it by. The Tony of My Heart.

It doesn’t have a spinning disk at the top, or anything like that. And this is about to get wicked sappy, but… it comes with a lot of, well, heart. It rewards a season of absolutely, gut-wrenchingly gorgeous performances in Once. But it’s about more than that, too. It’s for the way you wear our favorite pair of jeans on the Broadway stage. And the way you got so choked up you could barely get through your curtain speech on opening night.  It’s for your fierce Twitter defense of the defenseless, and your sweet, genuine Guitar Hero episodes, and the way you’ve shared your heartbreak with us all. It’s for your mother. And the way she dared you to dream.

Good luck on Sunday. Don’t make us cry too hard if you get to give that acceptance speech.

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