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BC/EFA Broadway Flea Market 2012: The Superlatives

Every fall we Broadway fan types gather in Times Square to peruse/purchase all kinds of crazy, theater-related shit that other Broadway fan types need to get rid of. You know, t-shirts for shows that have closed, musty Playbills from 1943, wigs that may or may not have lice. Sure, roaming the crowded tables on 44th Street kind of makes you wonder if there is a distinct correlation between loving theater and being a hoarder. But it also makes for a damn good Sunday afternoon of star-gazing and catching up with friends, plus it makes a ton of money for a worthy charity.

This year I kept an eye out for the best and brightest moments to report back on. You know, between futile missions for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson memorabilia and fist-fights with strangers for free copies of Tick, Tick… Boom. Read on below for a few of my favorites…


Favorite Star Sighting
Reeve Carney, wearing a completely hiptarded outfit—skinny pants, a shearling-lined, red and black buffalo plaid hoodie, and , marbled, water-color, pointy-toe boots—and running through Times Square toward the Bank of America, only to be thwarted by the door. Apparently Reeve’s card-swiping technique was not good enough to convince that door to open. Unfortunately, before I could offer to help, a handsome stranger swept in. I only hope that stranger appreciated the fact that he was rescuing Spider-Man.

Best Dressed
On the absolute opposite end of the sartorial spectrum, I ran into former interview subject Jeremy Shamos while he was wandering Shubert Alley. Awesomely clad in narrow green pants and a purple checked shirt—seriously you guys, it was so badass—Shamos told us he was visiting the flea market for the first time ever while on his way to rehearsal. You know, for that little play he’s starring in with Al Pacino and Bobby Cannavale. NBD, y’all, NBD.

Cutest Moment
Speaking of clothes. Broadway Impact had a rack of costumes from the Broadway production of Hair for sale. Perusing the rack beside me? Costume designer Michael McDonald. Very meta. The best part of this sighting, of course, was the terribly cute exchange between McDonald and the young staffer who did not recognize him.

Quote of the Day
“Spend the night with Nick Jonas!” which was being shouted by the guy hawking How to Succeed pillows with Nick Jonas’ face on them. Don’t worry, I bought one. And in uncharacteristically ladylike fashion, I’ll be keeping the details of our first night together to myself. Sorry.

Most Subtle Appearance
Perez Hilton rolled up all calm, cool and collected and with very little fanfare. It was pretty sweet. It does, however, seem possible that Perez, now starring in Newsical: The Musical, has actually lost a little bit too much weight. Sure, he looks svelte. And we’re sure he’s feeling much healthier these days, which is always a good thing. But homeboy also looks like his head is a bit too big for his body now, and I mean that physically, not metaphorically.

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