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Four Things About Les Miserables on the Oscars


Last night, on an Oscars telecast that you could have easily confused for the Tony Awards if there’d been just a tiny bit more Patti LuPone, Les Miz was front and center. Theater people went nuts. Even non-theater people noticed what was up. Obsessed with Les Miz as we are, we thought it was worth a quick round up…

Aaron Tveit For the Win
Okay. So he wasn’t up for an award. But that didn’t stop Tveit from looking handsomer than anyone in the cast of Les Miz–OMG THE RED POCKET SQUARE! FOR THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN!–and sounding better than anyone on that damn stage. His hair was perfect. His tux was perfect. His perfect golden pipes of beautiful singing were perfect. And we will spend the rest of our lives fantasizing about him fighting with a stylist, stubbornly insisting he absolutely had to represent Enjolras, and the themes of Les Miserables, in his attire, and thus the pocket square was a must.
We don’t care if that’s not real. Just let us have this one, okay?!

Ramin Karimloo Wuz Here
For one hot second, Ramin Karimloo’s beautiful face graced our screens. There was no real reason for him to be there–he is not in any active cast of the show–unless, you know, Sir Cameron is trying to make him a thing. Ain’t nobody mad about that, though. Let the Ramin as Chris in the Miss Saigon movie speculation game begin…

Theater Tweeters Hate Anne Hathaway
Man. Our Twitter feed exploded more than ever during these Oscars, so it was kind of tough to keep up. One message we absolutely couldn’t miss, though? Theater lovers are not impressed with Anne Hathaway. In fact, they kind of want her to STFU and go away. With awards season coming to a close, there may be a reprieve, but Broadway producers have got to be banging down her door with offers by this point, so I doubt she’ll be gone for long.

Claude-Michel Schonberg gets screwed
Not only does he not win that Oscar for “Suddenly.” But Richard Gere can’t even pronounce his name properly, and worst of all, Anne Hathaway forgets that like… the guy who wrote the damn songs was an important part of the creative team for Les Miz. Homeboy just couldn’t catch a break.

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  • Claudia February 25, 2013, 1:39 pm

    The reason for Ramin Karimloo was that the entire ensemble was made up of alumni from different productions of Les Mis. That was announced ahead of time, and I thought was a neat nod to the legacy.

  • Gabby February 25, 2013, 2:01 pm

    Was wondering why Ramin was in LA for a good deal of time these past weeks, so maybe… Oh, be still my heart! Ramin as Chris in “Miss Saigon!” well of course! And we all know that Cameron MacIntosh gets what he wants! Let the Hollywood gods agree!

  • Hannah March 2, 2013, 3:27 am

    Excellent summation of all that was good about Aaron’s performance in the Les Mis number. It’s so nice to finally see him get some attention for his part in both the movie and the Oscars performance! The way he stormed that stage should be illegal, but lucky for us it wasn’t. 😉 Though I’m still annoyed that they cut one of the (four!) lines from his verse on One Day More, what an odd decision.

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