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#Klenjolras is Not a Thing. BRB Sobbing.

So yesterday we found out this guy is playing Enjolras on Broadway, which we’re sure is all fine and dandy but it still kind of broke our hearts.

Because why, you ask? Because over the last few months, sources had been whispering in our ears that Derek Klena was set to don the xylophone on Broadway and clearly now that is not a real thing.

You guys, we already had a hashtag! OUR BODIES WERE READY. We were using glitter-glue and oak-tag to make signs to hold up at the stage door offering to cosplay as France so Enjolras could finally lose his virginity without breaking that vow about being faithful to France or whatever clearly ridiculous thing Enjolras said, because how can you be the best character in this musical and not share your ‘charms’ with the heaving bosoms of fangirls the world over? HOW CAN YOU DENY US, ENJOLRAS?!

Yes. I did just write that. I published it, too.

Look. Maybe we’ll fall in love with Kyle Scatliffe. I mean. The odds are good. He’s cute and we are super fond of cute boys. It’s just… we need a minute to mourn our loss here…

Okay. Minute over. Now it’s time to start wildly speculating about what Derek is up to next. Aaaaand, go!

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  • Mildly Bitter November 22, 2013, 3:30 pm

    FWIW Kyle Scatliffe is riveting in Scottsboro Boys and sounds amazing. I can’t say I was able to assess his Enjolra-sex appeal in SB because let’s just say there are a lot of other distinctly unsexy things going on in that show. But he is hard to take your eyes off of and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Germagoob December 1, 2013, 12:23 am

    I’m really glad that Cameron Mackintosh is once again injecting some added diversity to the casting, but now that I know Derek Klena was in the running, I’m disappointed. He’s such an obvious choice, and yet I completely overlooked him. Is there any chance Dogfight is returning, and perhaps in a small Broadway house? Because if Derek wanted to remain free to rejoin that, that would be forgivable.

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