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Adrian in Rocky Dresses Like Your New Hipster Girlfriend and Also Me

We love it when Broadway show costumes send our minds spinning. Wouldn’t we all love to have those high-waisted pants that Sutton Foster rocked in the title number of Anything Goes — and the legs to go in them? Or every single thing that Yvonne Strahovsky wore in Golden Boy? Hell, we would even take that tattered slip that Anne-Marie Duff wore in Macbeth, if we could figure out a place to wear it besides our next Tinder date.

Which brings us to Rocky. The New York Times apparently thinks this is a show for dudes, but if you’ve ever seen any of the six Rocky films, or sauntered down to the Winter Garden Theater in the last week or so, you will of course be reminded that this is basically just a manly story about a woman. And that woman is Rocky’s reluctant girlfriend, Adrian.

She is the reason why Rocky cavorts with tiny reptiles. She is the singer of several heartfelt songs. And she is, ultimately, the reason to win the big fight. (SO MANY SPOILERS.)

And also, we want all her clothes. OK, well, we want Rocky, as played by the endlessly shirtless Andy Karl. But mostly, we want her clothes.

Of course, you’re not supposed to want Adrian’s clothes, as the show — and six films — have taken pains to remind us. Because Adrian, as the story goes, is shy, verging on spinsterhood, and figuratively and possibly literally beaten down by her brute of a brother. But as Les Miserables and Zoolander have consistently reminded us through the years, the fashion of the downtrodden in one ouvre is the runway-ready style of the next.

So, if you see any midi skirts, cat-eye glasses, cute little knit hats, gleaming cherry-red wraparound Christmas frocks, and twee plaid winter coats lying around, please send them straight this way. As for low-heeled Oxfords, we already bought those, and here they are. Enjoy!



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