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5 Reasons We Should Interview Benjamin Walker

Dear the Public,

We are writing to propose a Q&A, entitled “Caught in the Act with…Benjamin Walker.”  It requires Mr. Walker’s participation.  (We tried, but we can’t write it without him.)

Here’s why we think granting us an interview is a great idea:

  1. We are the epicenter of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’s fanbase.  The epicenter. Boom.
  2. We speak your show’s language.  No, literally.
  3. We’re growing, and fast. Six months ago, you didn’t know who we were. Today, you do.
  4. We reach the audience you want. Half of our traffic comes from natural search.  In the last month 15% of that traffic has been about your show.
  5. We don’t ask boring questions. Ever.

– L & M