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The number of things we love about theater: Infinite. The number of prisoners we take: Zero.

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Who We Are

Lucky is a writer and editor by trade, a fanatic by hobby, and a brunette by birth. Manhattan is her domain, and her favorite place on planet Earth, although she also kind of likes Italy. At one point in her life, she was definitely in a mostly-white cast of The Wiz.

She has written some things, and for some publications that you might or might not recognize. She likes reading stuff, tripping the light fantastic, scribbling in her Moleskines and crisscrossing the island in search of adventure, award-winning sandwiches, and razor-narrow pencil skirts. She also goes to the theater. A lot.

Her notable Broadway crushes, in chronological order beginning at age 12 are: Jarrod Emick, Romain Fruge, Steven Pasquale, Anthony Rapp, Patrick Wilson, Gavin Creel, Norbert Leo Butz, and Jonathan Angelface Groff. She digs Johnny Gallagher too, but in a more cerebral way.

The Mick
The Mick is a new media marketing professional by day, a not-so-closeted Fan Girl by night. Strong Island born and bred—a place so very close to Broadway, and yet, so very far away—she now calls the Upper Right Hand Side of Manhattan home.

The Secret Garden was her first show, a birthday gift before she’d reached the double digits, and it remains her fondest theater memory, despite recent heavy competition from performances by Jonathan Groff and Gavin Creel. Other important firsts include her first theater love, Trey Ellet, and first theater obsession, Les Mis.

The Mick is old enough to have the good sense to lie about exactly how many times she’s seen Hair. In her spare time she pursues: bad boys, big voices, and all forms of unrequited love. She believes in: Mandy Patinkin, Gin Gimlets, and Dr. Martens (much to her mother’s dismay). And just so you know, she would drop everything for: Raul Esparza, Steel Burkhardt, an all night RENT sing-along, and/or all three.


He knew he had a problem with theater at age 7 when after seeing his first Broadway show, Les Miserables, he told his parents, “I liked it, but I wish there was more choreography.” He’s been writing about theater steadily since then, for a few years as theater editor for Rhode Island’s Providence Monthly, and more recently on his own site, www.ninedaves.com — where his SMASH Reality Index recaps with Linda have become more entertaining than the show each week. He has a total crush on Raúl Esparza, Norbert Leo Butz, and Brian d’Arcy James. He also may have seen Xanadu more times than he’d like to admit. If you follow him on Twitter, expect way too many tweets about Newsies.

She’s very excited to be writing for The Craptacular because she enjoys talking about cute boys in shows. Her current top three theater crushes are Justin Kirk, Michael Esper, and Jeremy Shamos, but this is subject to change by the week. She writes about Broadway on her site, Pataphysical Science, where you can read the SMASH Reality Index she writes with NineDaves, and on her Twitter @PataphysicalSci. She also writes features for TDF Stages and Broadway Direct. Her current favorite topic of conversation is Nick Jonas.

Mildly Bitter
Mildly Bitter’s first Broadway musical was Starlight Express — roller skating trains y’all. But in the Webber v. Sondheim debate, there is no question she’s a Sondheim girl all the way. She prefers plays to musicals but she’s DYING for a City of Angels revival. She writes about US and UK theater and can’t stop talking about her favorite human, UK storyteller and comedian Daniel Kitson, at mildlybitter.blogspot.com. She’s juggling a lot of major talent crushes right now including ones on actors Brandon Dirden, Jeanine Serralles and Steve Rosen, the theater company The Civilians, director Sam Gold, playwrights Annie Baker and Will Eno, and guitar player Bryce Dessner. Follow @MildlyBitter on twitter where she won’t shut up about them. Of course she’ll buy a ticket to any show which includes the sights and sounds of Will Chase, Jason Danieley, Colin Donnell, Claybourne Elder, Jeremy Jordan or Steven Pasquale. She’s only human after all.


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Mary Jane May 2, 2010 at 6:09 pm

really Lindsay Buckingham!!!!


Bartley June 15, 2012 at 9:17 am

This is a great blog! I found it via iBroadway and enjoy reading you commentary. I live in Minneapolis and see many shows here. However, I get to NYC a bit and cram in as many shows as possible. Last time I saw Newsies, Peter and the Starcatcher, and Once. All great shows! Thanks for your honest and witty writing!


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