Semi Final Round 1 – Groups A & B

by the mick on August 8, 2012

Well, Will Chase fans, you did your best! Sadly, your best was just not enough to best Gavin Creel’s fans who, once again brought it. Creel raked in over 4,800 votes to Chase’s 3,800, and we have our first men’s finalist.

Gavin Creel is on a roll, yo. We honestly fear for his next opponent. You know, at the same time as we’re dying to see that match, and praying that it involves a tug-of-war style back and forth like Lord Voldemort fighting Harry Potter only less evil and much, much hotter.

Meanwhile, Audra “Hall of Fame” McDonald continued to be badass and ousted Lily Rabe, winning their match by over 200 points. We’re sad to see Lily go, but she’s still got a shot at bronze, and we’ll always admire her style (and her banging red lipstick).

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Stephanie August 8, 2012 at 7:53 pm

Lucky and The Mick,

I am HORRIFIED over the way the Gavin Creel/Will Chase semi-final was handled. First of all, Will already beat Gavin fair and square in the Quarter Finals so they should not have been paired again until possibly the finals. The next problem was that Will was definitively ahead of Gavin when the semi-finals should have ended according to your rule of a 20 hour contest. The fact that the Gavin fans were given an extra 4 hours to catch up and surpass Will is ridiculous!!!! Can you imagine the outrage at the Olympics if a basketball game was allowed to continue until some random time that wasn’t told to the coaches or players! These hottielympics are meaningless!


the mick August 11, 2012 at 1:26 pm

We’re glad you noticed the Hottielympics are meaningless. That’s kind of the fun of it, at least in our eyes.

And thank god we’re not running the actual Olympics, right? We’d really fuck that up.



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