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5 Reasons We Should Be At the Top of Your Newsies Press List

Dear Illustrious Promoters of Newsies:

Here’s why The Craptacular should be at all of your events, interviewing your stars, and covering your opening night.

  1. We speak to the young, passionate audience that will champion your show. And we do it in their language.
  2. We are tastemakers and thought leaders. Our Newsies coverage began in December, 2010. And we knew Jeremy Jordan would play Jack before you did.
  3. Our traffic quadrupled in 2011. Thirty-eight percent came from natural search. Twenty-five percent came from social media. Not even Pulitzer could buy that.
  4. Through syndication, we reach 2 million users a month. That means we’re more widely read than the New York World in 1899.
  5. Jeremy Jordan loves us. No, really.

Refreshing our inbox already,
Laura & Aileen
(Lucky & The Mick)