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Open Audition – Obvious Fangirl Favorite – Broadway


Fangirl Alliance Productions, LLC

Book by: TBD
Music by: TBD
Lyrics by: TBD
Director: TBD
1st Preview: TBD
Opens: Prior to April 26, 2013

Casting Director:
The Craptacular


Cute Boy:
Late Teens – Late 20s. Handsome, non-threatening, slightly confused young man in need of affection. Height irrelevant, piercing eyes necessary, cute abs preferable. Must sing exceptionally well.  Tenor.

Fierce Girl Lead:
20s.Fierce, take-charge, modern woman who can sang. Open to all ethnicities. Moves like Jagger preferable. Must belt face off. Alto.


Girl You Can Project Yourself Onto:
Early 20s or 30s. Female. Ordinary, but beautiful, but ordinary love interest for Cute Boy, must possess a dash of gumption. Sweet but strong voice, soprano or alto acceptable.

Memorable Tunes:
Minimum of 3 catchy songs that can be belted with friends while waiting in a ticket rush line. Truly great lyrics a plus. Earworms accepted.

Essential Love Song:
A sweet, earnest love song you can imagine dancing to at your wedding. Minimum of one, additional love songs a bonus.

Handsome Chorus Boy:
Male. 20s. Should be possessed of exceptionally good looks and at least some talent. Abs of steel a plus.

Comic Relief:
Gender unidentified. Actor, actress or scene must bring levity to the proceedings, particularly since Cute Boy’s lostness and need for affection can occasionally be a huge downer.

Scene of Shirtlessness:
Ideally one, but several are accepted. Simple scene or moment wherein either the Cute Boy or Handsome Chorus Boy are shirtless, preferably both.



Fangirl Alliance Productions, LLC

New York, NY

[Name Withheld]

Response Method(s):
At Audition


Audition Information

Friday March 30, 2012 – TBD

Off Broadway theaters / Every regional house in the USofA / The West End

Notes/What to prepare:
Prepare a performance of your show for fangirl viewing. Month-long runs are preferable, as they allow maximum fangirl exposure for the decision making process. Have a resume prepared, and a portfolio of several key production shots, both available online.