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Your Tonys Dream Date: Matthew Warchus

Grow up! That’s right. Your Tonys Dream Date is Matthew Warchus–the most brilliant, brainy, beautifully accented Brit who wrangled a passel of revolting children maybe ever. Warchus is an old pro at these Tony Award things–not only has he had multiple shows nominated in the same season, but he’s already taken the top prize–so he’ll be a steady guide on a crazy night. Plus, you’ll probably get to have some amazingly intellectual conversations about stage craft and/or the use of LED screens. But mostly you’ll just want him to whisper super-smart, sweet nothings in your ear–Shakespearean sonnets, perhaps?–with that badass accent of his, and we’re pretty sure if you ask nicely or ply him with free party booze, he’ll comply. Hope you packed spare panties.