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On Why Cheyenne Jackson is (Un)Surprisingly Handsome and Funny and Charming

Confession: I didn’t get the whole Cheyenne Jackson thing up until about three weeks ago.

He’s just so…beefy.  And shiny.  And his eyebrows!  They’re second only to Joe Jonas’ in their visual presence.  Plus he’s just so damn handsome.  Like, so handsome it seems calculated.  So handsome I convinced myself he couldn’t possibly be anything more than just handsome.  Because, I told myself, the universe in which I live could not even handle putting any more wonderful things into one package.

So I was anti-Cheyenne Jackson for a long time.  For years.

And then, this happened.  @Cheyguynyc came to life on January 31st, 2010.

I was probably softening up a bit beforehand.  I’d run into him several times on the streets in December and January.  (You know, like that time I was talking volubly about Aaron Tveit’s nipples and, unbeknownst to me, Cheyenne was standing beside me.  That was fun.)  I’d witnessed his graciousness as ladies in the street tried to accost him and tell him how lovely he is/was/forever will be.  And I’d gotten some perspective on how his eyebrows really aren’t that over-powering or over-plucked, and his eyes are even more beautiful up close.

But @Cheyguynyc was the nail in the coffin, methinks.  I mean…have you read his twitter?  Please tell me you have.

He’s hilarious.  And charming.  And sharp.  And hilarious.

Best of all, he’s all these things without even trying.  This is not some show he’s putting on.  This is just…what Cheyenne is thinking.  He used the word ‘manscara’ so subtly I almost didn’t notice it.  And when I did, I laughed at his tweet again.  Loudly.  Plus, he got Christopher Sieber and Will Swenson to do Blue Steel with him, and that sent my heart aflutter for about fifty-six different reasons.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I was wrong about Cheyenne Jackson.  The universe can put many, many awesome things into a beautiful package, like brains and humor and a set of pipes.  And the fact that I just confessed to ever having been wrong about anything in the history of human existence is kind of a miracle in and of itself.  I think Cheyenne—in addition to making me laugh—may have just taught me a life lesson.  Epic.

Thank god he cleared that up., by thecraptacular, on Flikr

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