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Happy Birthday, Baby! Jonanthan Groff Hits the Quarter Century

… and we celebrate with a list of reasons we love him.

See item #3.

See item #3.

It’s not just because he has a cute face. Of all the pretty theater boys out there, there aren’t many like Jonathan Groff. Somehow managing to play both sweetly innocent and smoulderingly intense, he stopped hearts in Spring Awakening and walked away with Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock. Offstage/screen, he’s sublimely quirky. (How much do we love the slightly breathless, Judy Garland-y way that he speaks? Like he’s always on the verge of a sob.) And thus, a fangirl icon was born. In celebration of Jonathan’s 25th year on this planet, we’d like to inaugurate our new (and ongoing) series:

4 Million Thousand Things We Heart About Jonathan Groff

  1. His sparkly green mermaid eyes.
  2. That he loves Lea Michele enough for all of us.
  3. His bashful lower-lip bite.
  4. That he’s the only known person in history to meet a future boyfriend… at the stage door.
  5. His endearing aversion to modern technology.

Photo Credit: BroadwayWorld.com

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  • Buzz March 26, 2010, 9:19 pm

    #5 = so true. endearing/annoying haha

  • Sant May 23, 2011, 2:55 pm

    I want to know more about #4 – who is he?!

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