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In Which Jonathan Groff Finds Additional Employment in London

Well, well. All the cool kids seem to be hanging out across the pond these days. The Daily Mail is reporting that Jonathan Groff will star in a revival of Ira Levin’s comedy Deathtrap beginning August 21 in the West End.

Five thoughts, real fast:

  1. How much do we love the idea of Jon playing comedy? First Jesse St. James informs us that The University of California at Los Angeles is in Los Angeles, and now this.
  2. Naturally, because God hates theater, this coincides with a spike in airfare from New York to London. We know, because we’ve had our Kayak e-mail alerts set to JFK>LHR since the Hair tribe went over.
  3. You know why he’s going, and who he’s going for. Shut up. You thought it. And your heart burst with simultaneous joy and dread, didn’t it. Oh, girl. We know. We’re right there with you. We have purchased our popcorn, and we are ready to watch this crazyhood unfold.
  4. Another thing that’s got our curiosity up: We appreciate Jonathan’s love of the wicked stage, but seriously? A random revival of a 1978 comic thriller that I fully had to look up on Wikipedia before I could even write this post? In London? Ten-and-a-half seconds after becoming an International Television Star? Four-and-a-half seconds after landing a role in a Robert Redford movie? What? He’s on drugs or he’s in love. Or he needs to get away from Lea Michele that badly. These are our only conclusions.
  5. Oh, we’re going. We are so going.

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  • Ash April 16, 2010, 1:14 pm

    I keep reading this and giggling. Cause its so true, ‘It’s like you’re inside my head right now.” :)

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