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The Glee Premiere Has Us Twitterpated

...Yeah.  Good luck unknotting your panties.

...Yeah. Good luck unknotting your panties.

Happy Monday, kids! (Hah. Like Monday is ever ‘happy.’)

The Glee back nine premiere is a mere eight days away, and we thought it was about time to pimp our coverage here on the Craptacular.  Yes, I just used the word pimp.  On purpose.

There’s lots in store.  As you can imagine—and as our tags cloud over there on the right displays quite prominently—anything involving Jonathan Groff gets us kind of hot and bothered.  We’ve got lots to say.  But what we’re most excited about at this moment is the Twitter Party we’re planning.

Check out our feed @thecraptacular.  We’ll be live-tweeting the premiere episode, starting right on time at 9.28 pm EST.  We’re hoping you’ll tweet along with us, because we’ll be keeping an eye on your feeds as well and plucking out any gems we find.

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