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Truthbomb Tuesdays, and How We’d Like to Proceed, Perhaps


So. So!

I’m Lucky, and she’s The Mick, and we live in NYC and we like theater and we run this web site.

Last week around this time, after several alcoholic beverages a piece, we wondered aloud whether we should create our own version of BwayDaily’s Anon Post. If you don’t know what Anon Post is, it’s this: A forum where people can post rumors and gossip about theater, and where people can feel pretty safe saying whatever they want, as long as they’re not breaking the law or doing something that we otherwise deem inappropriate.

We didn’t know if it would work or not, but we took a stab at it. And frankly, we’d like to keep taking stabs at it.

But I’ll be straight up with you. We don’t really know how to do it.

Because clearly, this kind of thing is fraught. I mean, there’s a reason why BwayDaily’s version is on hiatus.

But we’re pretty sure that we want to make this work, because we loved Anon Post, and we looked forward to reading it every week. It was fascinating and fun, and most of the time, utterly harmless. We’d like to keep it all of those things. Here are our ideas so far:

  • One new post a week.
  • It’s moderated, and the moderators are The Mick and I, unless other people feel super strongly that they’d like to do it for us, in which case, we’ll probably let them because we’re busy as hell.
  • You can be anon or not-anon—totally up to you. We don’t expect every conversation on this thing to be insanely salacious.
  • IP logging stays on. Sorry. The only people who will ever have access to that information are The Mick and me, and we’ll only ever look at it if there are major shenanigans. Because frankly, there’s no other reason to look at it, and we don’t have time to look at it any more often than that. How do you know this for sure? You don’t. But you’ll have to trust us. Or you can go post all your forceful opinions on ATC, BroadwayWorld or BroadwaySecrets. Have fun with that.
  • If things get too crazy, we’ll delete the posts. Because… that’s what moderators do. How do we define too crazy? Well, look around here and read some of what we put up . You’ll get a pretty good feel for our tolerance level.

Now, though, we’d really like to hear your ideas. Because you’re going to be the ones posting on this thing.

What do you think about all of this? Is this something you’d want to do? Do you think we should handle it differently, or do you have a brilliant idea about how this should work? Is this ridiculous and should we just STFU and stick to writing about Ben Walker’s pants? Tell us. Leave a comment. Or, hey, if you’d like to be more intimate about it, e-mail us. We’re interested in hearing what you have to say.

Oh, and if you want to just go ahead and start posting, you can do that, too.

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