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Weekend Agenda: What We’ll Be Talking About

  1. Scottsboro Boys is going into the Lyceum. Aaand… cue the regret that we didn’t see it when it was off-Broadway and 40% cheaper.
  2. Will Swenson is confirmed for Priscilla. We’re disconcerted by the mental image of him in drag, too, but it’s OK. We’ll all do this together. We’ll talk about it. There are good, safe meds out there if we need them.
  3. A Little Night Music won’t extend, making this the 4,297th piece of evidence that people are just not buying tickets to Broaway shows right now if those shows aren’t Wicked, The Lion King or The Addams Family.
  4. Tony Nominee Levi Kreis is ex-ex-gay. And he looks just like Harry Connick, Jr.. And we kind of hope he wins. At everything.
  5. The Pee-Wee Herman musical is coming. And it sounds like fun and everything, but we’re really curious about whether comedian Seth Meyers’s mostly-adorable younger brother Josh will stay on as Fireman.
  6. So, Next Fall kind of unexpectedly sucked, right?
  7. Billie Joe Armstrong will simply not go away. And we love it. And we can’t wait for his next musical.
  8. Alice Ripley misses one of Brian D’Arcy James’s first performances as Dan. File under, Ultimately Not Controversial but Seems Like It Could Be.
  9. Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane, says the rumor mill. Thumbs up for casting that feels totally appropriate and not-stunty, and for Julie Taymor’s first obvious attempt at cost-cutting.
  10. Gavin Creel lost his journal. And 1,000 English fangirls spent all their babysitting money riding the tube for hours on end in desperate search.

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