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Where’s the Love for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson?

Last week, immediately after the Tony Nominations were announced on Tuesday I hit the road for business where I remained almost completely unplugged from all things not work/sleep related until Monday morning.  Despite all there was to catch up on when I returned, one topic remains at the forefront of my mind: the Drama Desk Nominations. You know, where Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson got fewer nods than Bloodsong of Love.

Drama Desk say what?

I’ve seen both shows and I can honestly say that they are not in the same league.  Where Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson has the funniest book of a musical I have EVER heard, Bloodsong of Love’s book just made me wonder how anyone could muster laughter in response to its mostly leaden jokes. And they both got book nods? Really?

But it’s not just about book.  And it’s not just about Bloodsong, either.  Bloody Bloody outshone just about every new musical I saw this season by a million watts. It was luminous—from book to lyrics to direction and staging and casting and and and… (Which is to say nothing of Benjamin Walker’s gloriously tight pants and nimble lap-dances.)

I just don’t understand how Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson hasn’t gotten more attention. Ben Brantley more or less called it his favorite new musical this season, and I haven’t heard too many people speaking out to disagree with that. Where are the Fan Girls? The folks fawning over the show’s hilarity, relevance and steamy leading man? The guys and gals spending so much time at the Public that the staff starts to recognize them on sight? If any show on stage in New York right now deserves that kind of adulation, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is it.

What am I missing, here?  Or rather, what is everyone else missing?  And do I need to risk terrifying Benjamin Walker by camping out on Lafayette Street to make sure this show gets the attention it deserves between now and May 30th?

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