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OMG Happy Nearly-Belated Birthday Johnny Gallagher

Johnny Gallagher Explains

Oh hey. Our favorite smart/sensitive boy turned 26 today.

How did we celebrate? By thinking about all our emotions, buying some vinyl at a 400% markup on Bleecker St., listening to some alt-country, and pegging our jeans. Or something.

Anyway, we love Johnny Gallagher. We love his brains and his moody, critically-acclaimed, Tony-winning performances and his big dorky glasses and his messy hair. We love that he makes Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff 33% more cool by proxy. We love his various bands and his moderately inappropriate, in-character eyeliner. We love that Green Day are, in his words, his heroes. And we love that he’s different. And we love that girls love that he’s different.

Happy sort-of-belated Galls. And yes, we like calling you Galls.

And we bet your friend Billie Joe Armstrong does, too.

Happy 26. We have no idea what heaven feels like, really, but having you around in the meantime is probably a pretty sweet approximation.

Photo: BroadwayWorld

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