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Once More With Feeling: A Final Hair-well

Gavin Says Goodbye

You knew we'd find a way to get those abs in here...

Oh, Hair. No show in the last couple of years has captured our fancy or beckoned the cash out of our wallets so quickly. Maybe it was the sublime cast or the accessible songs or the fact that seeing it once a week was cheaper than therapy. But oh, how we loved it. And how we get sentimental pangs as its progresses through its revival-y life—from Broadway to London and Beyond. As it closes on the West End and hits the road in America, here’s a look back:

  • So when the New York closing was announced, we gave the show a very Craptacular bon voyage. Peace out, Hair.

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  • Anna September 8, 2010, 5:19 pm

    Hey there from blighty

    I have just discovered your website as I was googling Gavin Creel who I think is my new gay husband (move over John Barrowman). We enlightened Brits are gutted that Hair has closed – we have loved having the Broadway cast over here and they have brought such excitement to the West End -I think we’re a bit slow to get going with some shows and they close just as they are picking up momentum and gathering a following. I did manage to see it three times before it closed, hence my new obsession with all things Creel. There’s not much new opening this season in the West End although the Creel is doing concerts in October, about which I am very very very excited indeed. You are very lucky as you have Priscilla the Queen of the Desert to come with Will Swenson in NY – it’s such a great night out and strangely touching and filthy at the same time ! Not quite the emotional powerhouse that is N2N (have just read your replacement cast post – I saw it last summer with Ripley’s understudy who was awesome – Jessica Philips – and wept like an infant) but is still a great and uplifting evening.

    Am so loving your work and your site – it really makes me laugh! I am so relieved I am not the only one who is a little bit obsessed…..

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