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5 Things to Know About Josh Meyers, Besides the Fact That He’s Hot

Josh Meyers

If you’ve managed to get yourself over to the newly-renamed Sondheim Theatre lately for The Pee-Wee Herman show, you may have found yourself appreciating more than just the set. (It seriously gets entrance applause all on its own, Sunset Boulevard-style.) The show itself is a nostalgic charmer, true, but we had trouble tearing our eyes off of Josh Meyers, who plays Fireman. Here’s the lowdown on this left-field Broadway hotperson:

Duh, he’s Seth Meyers’s brother
What gave it away, I wonder? Could it be the fact that they look freakishly like the blond and brunette versions of each other? Or that they sound exactly alike?

He replaced Topher Grace on
That 70s Show
… to disastrous ends, but whatever. Being on TV is cool.

He’s not your average Broadway type

Josh’s roots aren’t really in musicals, or even in traditional theater. He cut his teeth in the same Amsterdam-based improv company troupe as big brother Seth.

He was on MadTV
At one point, Josh and Seth were also both on late-night TV. From 2002-2004, Josh was doing impressions of everyone from Owen Wilson to Jeffrey Dahmer on MadTV while Seth was on SNL in the same timeslot.

He’s playing way more than just the Fireman in
He’s also Conky, the voice of Clocky, the Fish, the Shamwow, and Randy. Which is great. Except that you can’t see him…

But yeah, have you seen him and Seth on Jimmy Fallon?
Oh, you watch this and try not to fall a little bit in love.

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  • Alan Hall March 25, 2011, 4:38 pm

    You didn’t mention the single hottest thing in the history of TV, the sketch he did with Ike Barinholtz on Mad TV called “A Football Thing.” It’s on Youtube.

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