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Spoiler Alert: Benjamin Walker has Found the Funny

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson has closed and a girl needs to get her fix when and where she can.  So, on a frigid Tuesday night in early January, I left my Snuggie behind and checked out Benjamin Walker’s Find the Funny at The Tank on 45th Street.  And damn, Gina, did it feel good to take a hit of that.  Here are the top three reasons why:

1. Ben Walker. It’s not even worth pretending I had noble intentions.  I went to Find the Funny Tuesday night for one reason only: Benjamin Walker.   Walker alone was worth the price of admission, too, and not just because he looks fine as fuck up on a stage, even when he’s not wearing tight, tight jeans.  His stand up is damn good and his “Cooking with Ben Walker” video segment cracked my friend and me up for hours after the show.  (Bonus: Walker’s iPod appears to provide the pre-show soundtrack, and he’s got bangin’ taste. Love me some “Crosstown Traffic.”)

2. The comedians were actually funny. I know, I know.  It’s fucked up that I went just to see Walker and it’s even more fucked up that I went expecting things to be…less than stellar.  But fortunately, I was proved completely wrong.  The lineup was so great—I actually almost laughed myself right out of my chair at Pat Dixon’s jokes about the Greek Alphabet—that next time I’ll actually go back just to see who Walker is going put on that stage.

3. There were white men dancing. There is pretty much nothing as awesomely entertaining as watching white men dance.  And man did we get some of that entertainment Tuesday night.  At the end of the comedy portion of the show, the Bloody Bloody Band—Justin Levine (swoon), Charlie Rosen, and Kevin Garcia—set up and play some badass covers and that’s when the real show starts. White men losing their minds to the Beatles.  The guy in front of us was in constant jeopardy of accidentally punching someone in the face.  Lucas Near-Verbrugghe was absolutely killing it with the ladies.  Even Hugh Dancy was getting in on the jam session, beer in hand, with his white man head-bob.  I would have paid hundreds for a show like that.  Last night it only cost me eight. So worth the price of admission.

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  • Britt January 7, 2011, 2:51 pm

    I’m sorry, Benjamin Walker and Hugh Dancy? I don’t think my ovaries could handle that, but I would be MORE than willing to test that theory.

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