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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Craptacular (And Lea Michele)

Love it or loathe it, everyone’s got something to say about Valentine’s Day. Even Lea Michele. Broadway.com recently unearthed this Spring Awakening-era video of her waxing on about all things romantic, and we couldn’t let it slide by without comment for a few reasons.

  1. How Rachel Berry is that outfit?
  2. The story about her first onstage kiss (with Gavin Creel in a Spring Awakening workshop, where she tried to shove her tongue down his throat) never gets old, or less ironic. Same goes for her comment that “Jonathan Groff loves this story!” We bet he did.
  3. Her underlying awkwardness is, admittedly, kind of darling. And distinctly painful. See if you can get through this once without pausing it just to cut the tension, we dare you.

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